Farge-Vegesacker Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft mbH

The ultimate infrastructural competence

Farge-Vegesacker Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft mbH (FVE) is a company with a 120 year long tradition. Within the Captrain Deutschland group it is known today for its excellent infrastructural competence. FVE operates a railway infrastructure of 10 km in the north of Bremen and thus puts things on the right track for local businesses when it comes to freight transport. Not only is FVE your partner in infrastructural services within the bounds of its own tracks: It provides the rail operations managers in Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia for different connecting railroads, carries out maintenance, and optimises rail connections if need be.

The infrastructure of the Farge-Vegesacker railway is not only available for freight trains. In 2007 the company’s public tracks were extended for local passenger traffic in a joint project with the State of Bremen. Through the solid infrastructure expertise of FVE it was possible to upgrade the rail route including 25 level crossings, within a record time of only 7 months.

Since then the track has been an integral part of the line S1 of Regio-S-Bahn-Bremen and was fully electrified by 2011. Today local trains run every 30 minutes between Farge and Vegesack. Equipped with one of the most advanced train control systems for local trains, FVE ensures safe and reliable track availability 365 days a year-round the clock.

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