Inspiring Rail Solutions.


Green – First and foremost, Captrain is green. But green is not only our color, it also embodies our attitude. For us, the green stands for further development, growth, sustainability and responsible logistics. After all, rail is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Thus, the Captrain Group contributes to the global task of reducing CO2 emissions. In practical terms, rail saves around 80 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted compared to road freight. A single freight train can transport the contents of 52 trucks.


Innovative – We continually develop our logistics solutions. Under the name SmartRail Logistics, we have founded a joint venture with a partner company that optimally combines railway traffic with road traffic. Up until now, this is a unique model and the foundation for bringing an additional flow of goods to the rails. With the SmartRail solution, end customers can shift freight flows to rail without having to use a CT terminal. With the innovative swap body technology, the transfer from road to rail (and vice versa) only requires a paved area on the track.


Ahead – We are dealing with the topics of the future and have the courage to make innovations and move in new directions. Therefore, our products and solutions are already innovative today. However, that is not enough. We want to be pioneers in terms of making railway logistics ready for the future. With the use of modern dual-power locomotives, even complicated and heavy transports can be delivered to the last mile without the need for a shunting locomotive. This not only saves costs, but also CO2.

A strong Group

Together with our other Captrain affiliates in Europe, we link industrial railway operations with regional and long-haul transport services to cross-border rail transport systems. We are part of Rail Logistics Europe, the division of France’s SNCF Group that combines all the Group’s expertise in the area of rail logistics and is recognised for its pan-European presence.

With its unique network and international expertise, Rail Logistics Europe develops innovative, reliable solutions in the area of rail logistics – to serve its customers’ needs and to protect the environment. After all, railways are the greenest mode of transport. As one of Europe’s largest transport and logistics operators today, Rail Logistic Europe’s mission is to bring more goods to the environmentally-friendly rail network.

Acting as a reference partner, it aims to develop rail freight into the most important and most sustainable mode of freight transport in Europe.