Captrain Solutions: VW

for Volkswagen AG Werk Emden


  • Transport of vehicle parts from several suppliers in the northern Czech Republic, southern Poland, Saxony and Thuringia to the VW plant in Emden
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions at the VW plant in Emden – shifting transport from road to rail


  • Tailor-made intermodal transport solution, synchronised supply chain
  • Swap bodies change the mode of transport in Dresden and are transported to the Emden plant by rail
  • Demand-driven delivery with trailer yard
  • Horizontal transhipment of the swap bodies with “ContainerMove” transhipment system independent of CT terminals
  • Locomotives with last mile technology (type BR 187) enable the use of the non-electrified part of the line at the destination without changing locomotives.
  • One face to the customer: SmartRail Logistics GmbH

    Facts & Figures

    Vehicle industry

    Transport volume:
    30 -100 full truck loads (FTL) per week