Transport capacity

We provide the right solution for even the most challenging transport requirements, using our 2,500 wagons. As a member of the SNCF Group, we also have access to a further 45,000 freight cars and 350 wagon types. Our specialists are very well-versed in handling special products and unusual shipments that pose specific transport capacity challenges, due to their particular dimensions, weight and composition. If necessary, we can define individual loading guidelines together with yourselves and therefore meet your specific freight transport requirements. Of course, optimum capacity utilisation is always the focus.

Development of new flat wagons for transporting steel

Captrain has been using newly developed flat wagons for the optimum transport of steel hollows and round billets since the end of 2015. The aim was to transport both products using a uniform wagon type, rather than different types, as before. However, as both cargos pose very different transport capacity challenges, such a wagon was not yet available on the market. The round billets (continuous castings) require a high payload, while the transport capacity for hollows must have a large volume. Due to the high intermittent weight of the continuous castings on a long wagon surface, as required for the hollows, the stability of the wagon floor, in particular, also had to be ensured.

In cooperation with the company on Rail Captrain developed a special flat wagon of sufficient length and with optimum stanchion height, in conjunction with the loaders. This wagon also has a special floor that ensures equal weight distribution. A large part of steel shipments are now uniformly transported using this new wagon type, which has led to a considerably faster, more flexible transport process. Fewer wagons are required, and there is no need for complex shunting activities to sort the wagons according to type.