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Thank you for your interest in working for Captrain Deutschland! Our online form allows you to directly submit your application. Before you start, make sure you have your application documents available electronically (minimum cover letter and CV). Ideally attach your records as a pdf-file of maximum 5 MB. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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You can upload either your entire application document or individual documents, in the following file formats: Word (doc, docx), pdf, JPG, PNG, GIF. The total file size must not exceed 15 MB. Please do not upload pdf or Word documents that are password or write protected.
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Declaration of consent for the storage of applicants' data

In the case that my application is not successful, I hereby authorize Captrain Deutschland GmbH to store my personal data that I have provided in the course of the entire application process (for example in my cover letter, CV, references, application questionnaires, applicant interviews, etc.) after the period of application process. I hereby authorize Captrain Deutschland GmbH to use this data to contact me at a subsequent time and to continue the application process I should be considered for another post.

This declaration of consent also applies to data pertaining to my qualifications and activities available on publicly accessible sources (in particular professional social networks), which Captrain Deutschland GmbH has legally collected in the course of the application procedure. My data will not be passed on to third parties.

Acceptance of this declaration of consent is voluntary; it has no effect on my chances in the current application procedure. I am free to refuse to sign, without providing any reasons or fearing any negative consequences. I have the power to revoke my consent at any time by e-mail or in writing. If possible, your inquiries should be sent to the following e-mail address:

My data will be deleted once it is no longer required for recruitment purposes and storage for other reasons is not necessary or legally permissible.

Supplementary declaration for special categories of data:

My application with Captrain Deutschland GmbH contains special categories of personal data (e.g. details of marital status, details about my health, a photograph that could provide information about my racial or ethnic background and, where applicable, my eyesight and/or religion; other sensitive data relating to Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

I hereby give my consent to Captrain Deutschland GmbH to process the special categories of personal data contained in my application letter and the accompanying documents for purposes of carrying out the application procedure. This declaration of consent serves exclusively to allow the recipient to evaluate the application in its present form. The information will not be taken into consideration in the course of the application process unless – especially in the case of severely disabled persons - there exists a legal obligation to do so. My data will not be passed on to third parties. I am under no obligation to give my consent. I can refuse to give my consent without providing reasons and revoke a signed consent form at any time. In the event of a revocation of consent, the data covered in my declaration of consent will be deleted immediately, except where storage is required for other reasons and is legally permissible. However, in the case that my consent is not given or is revoked, my submitted application will not be considered in its present form.

Further information about data protection and your rights can be found in our privacy policy.