Continuously in service for our customers

The companies of the Captrain Germany Group and their employees are also affected by the effects of the spread of the coronavirus. In order to reduce the effects for our customers and employees to a possible minimum, we deal with the situation intensively every day and have decided on comprehensive measures. These measures are aimed in particular at maintaining operations and reducing direct personal contact between employees and third parties to the extent necessary for operations. So far, only a relatively small number of our employees have been affected or have had initial contact.

Thus we are fully efficient and continue to work continuously for our customers.

It is precisely in these times that many of the advantages of rail become particularly clear. It enables the safe and fast transport of large quantities of goods - and this across borders with comparatively few personnel. Our thanks therefore go in particular to our employees for their flexibility and commitment during this extraordinary period. They ensure the supply of goods around the clock and thus also make an important contribution to the system.

Under the hashtag #captraintogether you can convince yourself of our employees' commitment.